Cooking & Cooling

Industrial kettles, steam jacketed kettles, brazing pans, cooling tunnels, pasteurising tunnels, Industrial cooking, cooling and handling systems for the food industry

Cooking Pans, Vacuum Cookers,Cook/Chill
Cookers & Cooking Kettles.

From basic cooking pans, self-generating steam jacketed pans to sophisticated vacuum cookers or cook-chill. All vessels are manufactured to meet the highest quality engineering standards and are in accordance with Australia/ New Zealand high regulatory pressure vessel code requirements.

Cooking Pans, Cookers and or Cooking Kettles
can be supplied with:

  • Various tank bottoms from flat pitched, cone or dished bottoms
  • Various tank tops fully open, hinged covers or domed tops (either manual or fully automatic) and can be supplied with steam jackets either self- generating or from an external steam supply
  • All steam control, reticulation and regulation can be supplied by Mercer including the steam generators or boilers. Agitation configurations can vary from;
  • Standard squirrel cage
  • Scraper blade
  • Heavy products scraper blade
  • Total sweep
  • Self-clean/ CIP
  • Tumble cook/chill agitators.
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