Cooking & Cooling

Pasteurisers & cooling systems for food products

Mercer can produce continuous or batch style pasteurising and cooling systems for bottles, cans, pouches and other products, and cooling tunnels for processed foods and confectionary. Mercer can supply the turn-key from the boiler to the package in the shipper. Calling on its long history in food processing, Mercer have the knowledge and know how to customise solutions for the food industry

This system has been designed for pouches of ready meal product, and the system delivers products straight from the packaging line. This line included a boiler, cooking system, conveyors and in-feed system, pasteuriser and to follow a cooling tunnel.

Industrial kettles, steam jacketed kettles, brazing pans, cooling tunnels, pasteurising tunnels, Industrial cooking, cooling and handling systems for the food industry

Cooking Pans, Vacuum Cookers,Cook/Chill
Cookers & Cooking Kettles.

From basic cooking pans, self-generating steam jacketed pans to sophisticated vacuum cookers or cook-chill. All vessels are manufactured to meet the highest quality engineering standards and are in accordance with Australia/ New Zealand high regulatory pressure vessel code requirements.

Cooking Pans, Cookers and or Cooking Kettles
can be supplied with:

  • Various tank bottoms from flat pitched, cone or dished bottoms
  • Various tank tops fully open, hinged covers or domed tops (either manual or fully automatic) and can be supplied with steam jackets either self- generating or from an external steam supply
  • All steam control, reticulation and regulation can be supplied by Mercer including the steam generators or boilers. Agitation configurations can vary from;
  • Standard squirrel cage
  • Scraper blade
  • Heavy products scraper blade
  • Total sweep
  • Self-clean/ CIP
  • Tumble cook/chill agitators.
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